Comprehensive archival research

Restoration of family ties, the degree of kinship and property rights.

Building a family tree.

Creating an online memorial

Today and always, with the help of the Digital Immortality Project, each of us has the opportunity to live not only in the real physical world, but also to create his own image in a parallel digital space.

We can record events, record history, transmit information, our feelings and feelings, letters, photos, documents through many decades, leaving the truth that we have witnessed to future generations. And this is not an illusion of life, no. This is its new digital format, its new virtual dimension. To remain accessible and felt, real and close, with your thoughts, ideas, indefinitely, always, forever. The right of each of us to be worthy of immortality in the digital format of eternal life. Because a person is alive as long as he is remembered. We help to preserve the memory and image of people dear and close to us, recreating the lost pages of history, translating physical life into a parallel reality. We are creating a digital matrix of immortality. We make it possible to preserve the cultural heritage of all mankind!

Leave the information in digital format. Create an online memorial, accessible via a link or via a QR code.

Creating a digital model

A unique option for creating and filling specialized databases, in a digital Guide to settlements, regions and countries. Visualization of the image of the created digital model is carried out using a QR code, which is applied to the geographical contours of the territory of this city, region or country.

Advertising information about all historical monuments and attractions, unique historical graves, as well as socially significant enterprises of this locality, region or country will be encoded inside a single graphic image – a digital logo and associated with its geographical location.

You can order the service and contact the Project administration through the feedback form and/or by writing an email.


Legal services, notary, translation services

Dear Users!

In this section, we have collected information for you about law firms, notary offices, sworn translators ' offices, which will be able to provide you with comprehensive consulting assistance and legal support necessary for the preparation, creation, registration and certification of documents related to writing a will, establishing kinship, as well as lost property and other rights.

You can also remotely certify the documents you need with your digital signature.

Digital registration of death and funeral services

Dear our Users!

Our project «Digital Immortality» is not about death, no! It's about life, about life in everything and always. About life in the distant past, about today's present day and about the inevitable tomorrow. Yes, it happens, we leave, moving from one, familiar to us state to the next. No one will ever give us precise advice on how to avoid this transition. And only we ourselves can take care in advance to make our loved ones as much as possible to ease their suffering and cope with the loss with minimal emotional experiences. You should be as informed as possible about your capabilities and this is our main task!

Think about how you want to highlight the last key moment of your life. Take advantage of the last moment to say the unspoken words. Yes, right now it is you who are thinking, and you are talking. It's about you.

A holographic copy of a person

Communication is the main and invaluable need of each of us. Interaction is the result of this communication, and its main criterion is experience. Each of us strives to preserve it and betray it as our heritage. And yet, each of us strives to preserve our knowledge, experience, memories and voices. Without them, our life loses its volume.

We read what they write to us and write ourselves. We talk and listen, we laugh and cry. But, unfortunately, photos and videos do not allow us to be fully involved in such communication. What if photos could talk to us, and letters and articles could answer our questions?

What if we could talk to our loved ones even when they are no longer with us?

Publication of the main page

The ability to publish a TSN page and store data about a person or family in one secure place and give access to data by a link or QR code.