About Verification

Why do I need verification?

Welcome to our Project! The resource is designed as a world heritage site. We are concerned about the safety of our users and want you to understand when communicating that this is a real live person, not a fake and impersonating someone else. We want only users whose identity is confirmed to communicate on the Project. And when you look through documents, videos, and photos, you know exactly who put them on the Project.

Users who didn't pass verification

— they do not have the right to upload files and folders "FOR ALL" in their personal account. Services are available to everyone, but only users who have passed verification can order services through the Project. Continuity – the ability to pass your own a legacy account is only available for users who have passed verification. In the future, it is planned to ban unidentified users from sending any messages to other users and prohibit the search for people.

How to pass verification and what you need to do.

1. You need to take a photo with your ID document. 2. Send a photo that shows your face and you can read your details in the attached document on this page. After checking the information, if everything is correct, you will receive the status "Verified user" and the document you sent (a file with a photo of your personal data) will be automatically deleted from the Project. Successful completion of the examination.

The administration of the resource

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